Thursday, February 11, 2010

"A bit of the Steak n' Shake taste to it."

Here is another testimonial from a new customer:


I got the package, and made a batch last night. I like it! It's good, has a bit of the Steak n' Shake taste to it.

Dixie Pit BBQ & Catering

HK Foods,Inc."

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  1. From the first wiff of Zillions Chili Seasoning Mix, I realized this was something extraordinary. The aroma, immediately reminds one of the sent of a fine batch of aged chili. But that is only the beginning. When grilling an assortment of thinly sliced vegetables lightly coated with olive oil, a light sprinkling of Zillions Chili Seasoning Mix is a perfect final touch to bring rave reviews from family and friends. As a rub for a nice piece of red meat, Zillions Chili Seasoning Mix and just a pinch of brown sugar is the best combination I have found. Nothing more is needed, except about two hours and the coals of a good wood fire cooking the meat at about 250°. This prepairs everything from a nice big ham to a lean deer roast to absolute perfection. I hope those reading this can enjoy Zillions Chili Seasoning Mix as an all-round seasoning as much as I do.

    An appreciative client,
    William Bellot